Stem Cell Therapy for Pain and Injuries

The targeted precision of regenerative compounds can help you avoid surgery.

The healing properties of regenerative compounds are only effective as the precision with which they are delivered. At the Albano Clinic, we employ ultrasound technology to precisely identify the injured area, and target the customized biologic treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Therapy) for maximum effectiveness. This can be a highly effective surgical alternative that can get you back at it sooner, and with less recovery time.

skeletorRecovery, your way

Injuries sideline us all from time to time but at here at The Albano Clinic we want to get you back on track without resorting to surgery. Our minimally invasive procedures tap into your body’s own healing and regeneration systems and boost the natural healing process to speed recovery and get you back to do doing what you love.


Hip Grey-07Spine Hip Grey-04Shoulders
Hip Grey-05Knees Hip Grey-01 Hips 
Hip Grey-03 Hand/Wrist Hip Grey-06Foot/Ankle
Hip Grey-02Elbows