Stem Cell Therapy for Pain and Injuries

Wellness That Supports Your Orthopedic Health

At Albano Clinic we treat the whole patient, and our Orthopedic Wellness services are a key component to your success. A successful weight loss program or improved fitness and nutritional regimen dovetails into successful recovery. But too often medical practices do not integrate these into diagnoses and recommendations, preferring to treat a patient as a collection of body parts—knees, elbows, etc.—instead of looking at the whole patient. Through years of successful practice, we have developed a medically supervised orthopedic wellness program that helps you stay healthy for the long haul.



Hormone Optimization

As we age, our body’s various hormone productions decrease. Meanwhile the ones that are produced no longer have the same effect as they did 20 years ago as a result of general desensitization of hormone receptors. Essentially, you don’t make as much as you used to and what you do make, doesn’t work as well. Established medical practice has focused on keeping hormone levels “normal” but normal is not optimal. Hormone optimization involves raising the level of the hormone to that of a younger aged patient and helping you feel more energized and give your body more resources for healing and recovery.


Weight Loss

Managing weight is often the simplest solution to healing injuries or alleviating chronic conditions. Just losing a modest amount of weight can, for example, significantly reduce load on a troubled knee, often alleviating the issue. But it is also a struggle for many patients who have tried the old maxim of eat less and exercise more. That’s why we have partnered with a weight loss system that emphasizes ideal protein levels and offer a medically supervised program. Under our guidance you’ll keep protein levels normal while minimizing fat and carbs. Your body has no choice but to burn fat as fuel.