Stem Cell Therapy for Pain and Injuries

Utah's first medical doctor specializing in Regenerative Orthopedics, since 2007.

Orthobiologics are a customized spectrum of concentrated cells, including stem cells, from your own body that are precisely implanted into the injured or affected area to boost natural healing and regeneration systems and speed recovery. At the Albano clinic, we use ultrasound technology to accurately target the injured or affected areas ensuring maximum healing effects.

We use a variety of Biologics that include a range of regenerative materials including stem cells, platelet rich plasma, adipose (fat cells) and bone marrow to assist your body’s own ability to heal and regenerate tissue.

Regenerative Medicine for Healing: Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment program. At the Albano Clinic we evaluate each patient carefully to customize and precisely target our treatments to fit their needs.


While this is not a Biologic agent, Prolotherapy is designed to create an inflammatory response, which brings blood cells and healing adjuncts to the area. This can be effective on its own or with more advanced treatments.

Stem Cell Treatments

These Biologic treatments contain many mesenchymal stem cells, which are “un-programmed” cells that can become the type of cells needed for regeneration and healing. While all of our procedures release signals which call stem cells to the treatment area, these treatments specifically include stem cells gathered from your own body.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Used in maxillofacial and plastic surgery since the early 1980s, this technique is routinely employed in the treatment of professional athletes. We draw your own blood and concentrate the platelets to 4 to 5 times beyond normal and inject them into injured areas to promote healing.

Structural Autologous Fat Graft (Stem Cells)

Fat tissue, which contains mesenchymal stem cells, act as a matrix or scaffolding to “hang” healing cells onto. This fat graft in conjunction with PRP and bone marrow, can help regenerate damaged musculoskeletal tissues.

Autologous Bone Marrow Concentrate (Stem Cells)

Using your own bone marrow, in conjunction with PRP treatment and/or fat, can help further enhance regenerative effects.

Other Biologics

It also possible to use Biologics from outside your body—including amniotic, placental and umbilical tissues. These tissues are gathered safely and ethically. This is tissue that would otherwise be discarded and no babies are harmed in this process.

Amniotic Fluid
This easily obtained fluid contains many growth factors that can assist in healing injured areas.

Placental Tissue
This tissue contains growth factors, anti-inflammatory compounds, MMP Inhibitors and scaffolding components.

Umbilical Tissue
This tissue also contains many growth factors and live stem cells, which can boost your body's natural healing ability.

Stem Cells and other Biologic Treatments Explained

Dr. Joe Albano details how employing a range of Biologic treatments that include growth factors and stem cells can help to speed your body’s natural healing process. You'll see a treatment in progress including the use of ultrasound technology to precisely target injured areas.